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After Apple presented two new iPhone’s that are from the beginning run by iOS 8, the time has come for older devices to be upgraded to the latest iOS version.
We have already seen everything iOS 8 brings, and one of the things that should be noted is “Continuity”. Continuity allows better integration of iOS with OS X operating system. It allows calling and messaging directly from the Mac, as well as fast data change.

Also, new things coming are notification center which comes with widget upgrades, and iCloud Drive brings data transfer. There is also new HealthKit which will allow integration of apps from independent developers, as well as Family Sharing where you will be able to share all bought iTunes content among family members.

There are many other improvements at other iOS segments, and one of the long awaited is the possibility of alternate keyboard installation. Already during test period in past three months, the developers have created a huge number of keyboards that will be available for you immediately after upgrading to iOS 8.

iOS 8 has been released for upgrade yesterday, and you can install it if you own any of the following devices:

– iPhone 5s
– iPhone 5c
– iPhone 5
– iPhone 4S
– iPad 2
– iPad 3
– iPad 4
– iPad Air
– iPad Mini
– iPad Mini 2
– iPod Touch 5th generation

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