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There is a big number of minimalist guns on the market, but the one you’re about to see is ideal for under cover operations, if you’re planning to spy on some ambassadors or something. Another good reason why it’s good to own a pistol like this one is because you wont freak nobody out of their mind.

The Ideal Conceal concept pistol will surprise you with its flexibility and how well it fits in your pocket. In only couple of clicks you’ll be able to transform it into a smartphone looking device and put it in your pocket.

Yep, you heard that right. This is one of the first collapsible guns on the market that can transform into a smartphone looking piece of equipment in manner of seconds. This gun gives you the ability to travel in public transport and have dinner with your friends at your local dinner with nobody calling 911 once they see you with a gun because it will be the last thing they notice on you.


Let’s talk a little bit about what’s under the hood of this cool looking pistol. Ideal Conceal, as the very name suggests, is in stealth mode all the time, but it also holds a double barrel that can shoot with the power of 38 calibers, which means that this tiny phone looking gun can transform from a smartphone into a killing machine in only couple of seconds.

You will be able to use the gun for targets that aren’t so far from where you’re standing, but that’s probably what you were looking for, as these types of firearm are mostly used for personal protection in emergencies. The system behind it is pretty simple. The button that you use to transform it from a “smartphone” into a gun is the same button you will use for safety.

The price tag is set at $395.

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