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iPhone users always have a predominant dilemma for any existing and never used application. The level of curiosity reaches a paramount milestone with the launch of new games and the subscribers get themselves engaged in reading their reviews before any online purchase. If you just bought a new iPhone and you seriously don’t want to bother your pocket for another demand of an incredible series of games, then there is some outstanding news for you. iCheapskate is going to cater you with 30 super smashing awesome free games for iPhones and iPads subscribers. All you need is to download and install them to experience a real gaming sensation. Let’s have a look on the best games for the game buffs in the impeccable launch


Cool Pizza

Any game reaches to a terrific position due to its visuals and sound effects. Cool pizza is one of the best presentations by iCheapskate in the form of a skateboard game. The game has a trendy stylish underworld theme and features a pizza delivery girl in the haunted section. Developers have given a meticulous stress on the character movements and the momentum drags you for an indefinite time of play with a stupendous interest.


Breakfinity seems to have taken a dominant inspiration with the famous classical video console game Arkanoid. It looks like a conventional bat and ball, wall smashing game with some magnificent inclusions. The gaming technicians have kept it simple with the colour schemes and designs. The various crucial 3d and basic animation elements remind you of the popular brick game based over formation and management. The gaming company is trying to target every set of audience by taking out unanimously accepted formats with some very interesting additions.


Firing and stealing games have always been on top of the list of game buffs. The game has been designed with a splendid precision by integrating extremely clear 3d elements and outstanding sound effects. You don’t feel that you need a bigger screen as it fits superbly well inside the iPhone’s display. The game comes forward as a scintillating experience for the iPad subscribers. You can easily pick out the colour variants and motion. Different levels take you ahead with a thrilling joy and excitement. You ought to keep Smash Bandits in your iPhone if you love action and adventure.


The game looks really enjoyable as it offers a cross linked puzzle in which you need to connect different colourful switches with the use of tiles which get dragged around. The gamers receive a prolific option to upgrade the version with the advanced one at a price of US$0.99 for changing each element or you can opt for a US$1.99 for the entire lot makeup.

Lost treasures of Infocome

There are some highly commendable tasks set up games which entice you to play with your partners and demand a special need. The game has some resonating question answers with a stupendously designed format. Look out for this one if you love playing something unique.

iCheapskate has come up brilliantly with 30 prolific games for the subscribers of all ages. Hope you enjoy and have a tremendous game download.

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