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HTC may be in desperate straits in the matter of benefit, yet it is doing what it can to lower expenses, while even now keeping its eye on the ball, and what’s to come. Not to be beaten by the inevitable flagships  of LG, Samsung and others, HTC is supposedly wanting to launch a smartphone with a Quad HD (1440×2560 pixels) screen. Unsurprisingly, the talk plant is calling the handset HTC One (M8) Prime, insinuating that it will be a form of the current HTC leading smartphone HTC One M8.

Theory on a released codename for a “M8 prime”, nonetheless, it asserts that we are to expect a sensation of a handset, and the launch  is to be held in September, which might place it in immediate rivalry with the possible announcement of the iPhone 6 at the time. The indicated specs incorporate a 5.5″ Quad HD screen, which is not tricky to accept, given that LG has effectively affirmed such a board, and is even said to be utilizing it as a part of the G3. A 2.3 Ghz quad-center Snapdragon 805 processor is  likely to be there. A USB 3.0 port is confirmed, too, as we have heard recently that  USB 3.0 will also be featured on some of the Samsung flagship, also along these lines are the 3 GB of RAM purportedly going into the One (M8) Prime and internal storage of 16GB.

HTC One (M8) Prime launch is supposed to happen in September and we are waiting for 5.5″ Quad HD show, Snapdragon 805, and a 18 MP Duo Camera

Here we touch base into dim waters, then again. The distribution guarantees that HTC will utilize a 18 MP sensor for profundity discernment in this consequent Prime form, and a 5 MP Ultrapixel sensor as a principle unit. This proposes that we may in any case get a Duo Camera that will take into consideration the lens smudge impacts that the One (M8) is known for, however in a more developed variant. Given that the current Ultrapixel shooter is 4 MP, 5 MP isn’t a critical hop in determination, yet the 18 MP piece is the thing that irritates us in this gossip as the slightest sound part. Still, HTC has been astonishing us in the Camera division  with two lead releases in succession, so we can hardly wait for more breaks about a possible One (M8) Prime to begin trickling down the channels.

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