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HTC M8 Release Date, Rumors and Expectations

It is expected that in upcoming moths HTC will be launching its successor of the HTC One named HTC M8. Some are even calling it HTC Two,and some as HTC One Plus. Since the name is not officially declared yet we will consider it as HTC M8,for the time being.

Release Date:

It is expected that HTC M8 would be released in the last week of February 2014 or the first  week of March 2014. HTC M8  this time will be competing against big giants such  Samsung Galaxy S5, Nexus 6,LG G3 and much more. Since last year HTC had topped the charts , it is also expected to do the same this year too.






You  might have read the rumors about HTC M8 on the site http://www.htcmate.com/ , well believing on what they say makes HTC M8 the best in the smartphone industry. They also have compared it with various phones depending on the rumors.

Some of the  specifications they wrote are as follows:

1.Its is expected to have the same body material as that of the HTC One, that is metallic body.

2.Screen size is expected to be 5.2 inch , bigger than the last time.

3.It is expected to be waterproof and dust proof  so as to compete against phones like Galaxy S4 active and Xperia z1.

4.Shape is almost the same as that of HTC One with slight modification.

5.It is supposed to have retina scanner.

6. Would have RAM upto 3GB and would also have HTC Sense 6.0 UI.


Expectation are very high this time because last time HTC One came out on the top defeating giants like Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus 5. This time also it is expected to do the same. HTC as a brand has always produced quality product plus their phones now a days have beats audio so it even has the best sound quality. Lets see how it performs when it gets released. So till then keep waiting.

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