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2014 has arrived as the best ever year for thousands of amazing technical innovations, especially in the field of smartphones. The concept of camera-phones, where the unique selling feature gets centralized over the camera has gaining a significant moment and almost every top smart phone company is coming up with a special device. Off late HTC one of the biggest giants announced its next step to bring out a specialized smart phone with an optical zoom camera. Symon Whitehorn, one of the senior camera experts from HTC mentioned that the company is striving for coming up with some magnificent results with an impeccable improvement in the zoom quality of their smart phones. He expressed with a remarkable confidence that HTC’s camera traits developments will leave DSLR camera far behind in every prospect in the time span of two years.



Whitehorn added that there have been proactive measures taken by technicians for reaching to the level of Digital DSLR picture quality. Smart phones have a great advantage of a compact size and the ability to acquire millions of information. Recently we witnessed some terrific integration like 3D inclusion and efforts to attain a significant megapixel mark for enhancing the image quality. Optical zoom will change the course of innovative imagination for different camera phone technicians as it will exceed the subscriber’s expectations to a significant level and put an enormous burden on the developers.

Why digital zoom is a problem

The present smart phones utilize digital zoom which fails in maintaining image quality because of loss in picture resolution. Digital zooms incorporates the simple mechanism of cropping an image for attaining a closer look and that ultimately makes the image blurred.

Breakthrough with an Optical zoom 

The use of an optical zoom in a phone camera will include the aggregation of multiple lens components and would not impact to degrade the resolution and megapixel count. Specialized lens are being functioned to get installed easily with in the minimum requirement of space in a smart phone. For the moment there is no substantial technique to arrange a series of different lenses in such a compact structure of a mobile phone but technicians believe the day is not far when the subscribers will experience the scintillating optical zoom quality with an astonishing image capturing results.

Earlier instances

There have been a lot of significant bustles and experiments all over the globe to incorporate the mechanism of optical zoom. Around eight years back Samsung introduced its first ever camera-phone with 10x optical zoom and later it brought out Galaxy S4 Zoom. Both the phones had severely gimmicked propagations just to woo the customers with no substantial impact.

With the lunch of some highly credible smart phones this year and even in past HTC has made its vision clear to bring significant amendments for reaching to the zenith of mobile photography. The company believes to start delivering the highly anticipated optical zoom mobile phones with in twelve months of time. There would not be any special gear need to make the new innovation functional and the package will come under a reasonable budget.

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