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Why Is The Fingerprint Scanner So Important For Samsung?

iOS and Android are the two operating systems that battle for the mobile market during the course of the past couple of years, so the fingerprint scanner is logically a big part of this game. Although Android has more apps and it looks flashier, iOS is probably the more quality option mostly because of its incredible endurance and bug free image it portrays.

One of the biggest reasons why the iPhone is considered to have a better operating system is because it rarely makes errors and almost never crashes. The speed at which iOS operates is greater compared to its Android counterparts and this is mostly because the Android operating system is still very Java dependent.

Galaxy s6

When you have an operating system that still has some issues that need to be resolved, then you focus on other stuff like fingerprint sensors. Samsung has officially released their Fingerprint Scanner that will be available for their Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge models.

This feature will allow you to open and lock your phone using your thumb and here are the simple steps that you need to follow in order to use the Fingerprint Scanner:

How To Set Up Fingerprint Scanner:

1. Open up the “Lock screen and security” tab located in the “Settings app”.

2. Press “Fingerprint” and select “+Add fingerprint”.

3. After this just follow the on screen instructions until you get to the point when 100% of your fingerprint is scanned.

Fingerprint scanner Galaxy S6

4. Add a password that you can use as a backup.

5. When you select “OK” the Fingerprint Scanner will be officially activated.

6. After this you’ll be able to unlock your phone by just holding your thumb on the home button.

The fingerprint scanner is an important part of the evolution of the smartphone in general as it may became a way to conduct transactions and authorize activities by company directors in the future.


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