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Not so long ago, phone numbers were known by heart or they were kept written on a piece of paper, but nowadays everything is saved on your smartphone or in the cloud. New research that has been conducted in the United Kingdom has shown another consequence of our grasp of modern technology – almost half of the population of Britain only knows three numbers by heart.

This means that around 50% of the population in the UK if found in the state of crisis and the battery of their phone is empty they wouldn’t have many solutions if they requires assistance.

According to the research conducted by the company called Mophie which is known for smartphone add-ons, around 92 percent of UK citizens considers that the empty battery on their phone puts them in a stressful situation, while 61 percent calls the situation as frustrating, and around 25 percent admits that sometimes when their battery is depleted or near depletion they start to panic.

For most, as expected the main problem is inability to send or receive calls, and around 81 percent of participant has said that they have experienced some form of inconvenience when their battery was empty.

As the number of people who are in some form addicted to the internet and smartphones rises, experts are increasing their advice that you shouldn’t be taking your smartphone to bed with you, and that there should be at least couple of moments a week when we will totally disconnect from the net.

Do you carry your smartphone to bed with you and how many phone numbers do you know by heart?

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