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Honda is one of the most innovative companies in the automotive industry and that’s why it’s no surprise that their latest model with a simple name Bulldog 400, is one of those concepts that will change the way you see things. Its not only innovative and environmentally conscious, but it will also be affordable for the masses. This means that you’ll not only be able to enjoy all the latest functions that a modern motorbike can offer, but you will preserve nature at the same time as well.

The Honda Bulldog 400 concept had its worldwide premier at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show held in Japan for the 42nd time in a row. Engineers at the Japanese manufacturer have used modular engineering in order to implement the CB 500 theorem for the first time in a real life product. It is not certain for now will the Bulldog 400 be available all across the globe, but even if there is such a version produced in the future, it will have a 500 cc mark instead of the 400 cc mark.

The best thing connected about the Bulldog 400 is not its impeccable and light design, but the very fact that it uses a CB 500 technology, which means that this engine doesn’t need so much fuel and it keeps the environment clean while saving money from your pocket. It is also great that the design of the bike is futuristic and it will surely attract a big audience among the masses.



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