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It’s obvious how all of us have differently shaped ears. According to some studies you can guess what kind of a character a person is by just studying the shape of their ears.

Another unknown fact is that people receive and listen to sound waves differently.

This doesn’t include solely the volume range you can handle or how good your hearing is in general. There are actual differences in how we receive sounds, unique for every person on the planet.

Two individuals will listen to the same set of sounds differently using a single set of headphones.

The Nura Headphones make adjusting to all types of sound waves possible and in relation with individual preferences, which will give you the most quality sound available.

With a unique technology, the Nura Headphones will take individual sound wave measurements.

The first time you put on the headset, the sound-wave technology Nura uses is going to customize the sound with a help of an app.

The app will set up the optimal settings for you within 30 seconds, and is going to make a profile with specific settings.

Don’t be afraid to share or borrow your headphones, because Nura took care of that too. Your profile is recorded so if someone else uses your headphones, they aren’t going to mess with your settings. They will need to make another guest profile.

Nura headphones have an unusual and unique design as well. They are combining over-the-ear cups and in-ear buds. The idea is to have a complete cover of your ears, so you are totally isolated from environment sounds.

It also has separate drivers on the ear cup and the ear bud. The ear cups are bringing the bass, and the buds are playing the high tones, so we get perfect sound clarity.

With customized sound and the design of the headphones, you won’t have to max up the volume to its limits. With this gadget you are protecting yourself from potential long term damage.

The package comes with a wired connection, on-board memory for storing all the profiles and a button to switch between profiles.

The current cost for a reservation of these fantastic headphones is 199$

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