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Google is known for not hiding its projects behind locked doors. The company each now and then gives small glimpses and tracks about its projects.

Befrore official announcement of Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, the web has been filled with guesses what will the new mobile OS bring and when will that happen?

It seems like Google wants to achieve the same effect with Android 5.0.

The company has posted on its official Twitter account this particular photo in order to promote FIFA World Cup, but the photos show something that could look like an announcement of the new OS.

In the upper right corner of each Nexus 5 device the clock is showing 5:00.

Google has been using the clocks in the past to announce a certain version of Android OS. For example Nexus 2 has had 2:30 for Gingerbread and Galaxy Nexus has been showing 4:00 for Ice Cream Sandwich while Nexus 4 has been showing 4:20 for Jelly Bean, and currently available Nexus devices are showing 4:40 for KitKat.

It is quite possible that Google will announce its new Android operating system on the upcoming I/O conference, so it looks like that now is the right time for the web to start speculating.

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