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Grand Theft Auto V will finally arrive to PC this fall, one of the most favorite platforms of millions of gamers around the world.
Also this major, most expensive and probably most profitable video game of all time will be arriving to Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Even though the release date has been scheduled for fall the exact date is still remains unknown.

Long awaited announcement could be sensed when Sony has announced on their E3 conference that GTA V will be arriving to PS4, which was followed by official announcement by the Rockstar.

However, Rockstar didn’t publish a lot of information except the confirmation that the users of other platforms could now portray the roles of Mike, Trevor and Franklin and to leave their mark on the streets of Los Santos.

GTA V will use all the advantages and power of all three platforms and it will deliver numerous graphic and technical upgrades which will allow astonishingly high level of details. – Rockstar announced.

Pre-orders should be available today on the official Rockstar website, and it has also been announced that all add-ons from GTA Online will be available in these versions of GTA V. Also it will be possible to use save games from PS 3 and Xbox, and PC gets an advanced video editor as a bonus feature.

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