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There are not so many companies as important as Google in the technology world. Heck, there are not so many companies as important as Google in the world in general, no matter the field you explore. Yet, they aren’t dominating each and every niche you can imagine, no matter the number of startups they purchase or the awareness campaigns they start. One good example of that is the gadget market in the streaming and tablets niche.

I mean, Google has produced almost everything you can imagine connected with everyday technology, but they haven’t published their own tablet till now. We’re talking about the Pixel, the first ever tablet Google has created by itself and has published it on the market on their own. Although the company is entering the tablet market pretty late and will face extreme competition, Google hasn’t actually innovated anything.

Pixel comes with a detachable keyboard, which will immediately make you compare it with Surface created by Microsoft and the iPad itself, who copied this technology from Microsoft in the first place. It seems like three industry giants have reached a plateau in the same niche they’re all competing, but how about other markets where Google can make an influence?

The best shot Google has of influencing an already established market is with their Chromecast TV streaming feature, because they have the ability to develop this gadget so it can reach high status among its users and on the market as a whole. Firstly, they’ll be competing directly only against Amazon and much smaller Roku, plus they’ve already sold 20 million copies, making this the best selling product of its type till date.

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It’s hard to predict, but it seems like Google is determined to dominate the hardware market in the future, or at least be competitive with industry leaders in this area. This will be great for the average user because we can rest assured that the overall quality will improve even quicker now.

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