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Google has worked around the clock to tune up their Handwriting Input app that has been released today for all Android users. The company that “owns the Internet” recognizes handwriting recognition as one of the key points of development in the next couple of years mainly because touchscreen keyboards are not so effective and voice input can’t be used all the time.


Imagine if you’re on a meeting or riding the bus and you need to add some text using the voice input feature on your phone. It will not only be awkward, but it will also be virtually impossible with all of that noise around you. On the other hand on screen keyboards are not so effective, especially when they’re used by not so experienced smartphone owners.

That’s why Google’s Handwriting Input app is here to change the way you use your smartphone and allow you to write anything you want on 82 different languages while having the option to switch between input methods. Besides numbers, symbols and letters the app recognizes great variety of emojis.

While being tested for performance the Handwriting Input app worked almost perfectly. It will recognize almost unreadable handwriting and transform it into text or anything else you’ve wrote. You really need to put up some weird shapes of letters in order to be unsuccessful with the Handwriting Input app.

One of the few issues is connected with the space you have to write the words. If you start writing at the center of the Handwriting Input app screen, you may feel like you don’t have enough space to end your sentences at times. This is not a problem for owners of phones with huge screen area.

It seems like Google’s Handwriting Input app is a real success and it will significantly decrease the time you spend typing on your phone.



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