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Google new smartphone venture

Google’s smartphone venture takes us into depths. With the success of Nexus series, Google is continuing it’s fight for the throne with the new Nexus lineup with Nexus 6 and Nexus 10.2 tablet following the Nexus tradition.

Since there is no confirmed news about it , but looking at the previous ventures Google had taken ,it doesn’t make it difficult to anticipate. Nexus 6 which the most anticipated smartphone of year 2014 ,is expected to be better ,bigger and even amazing than that of Nexus 5 which was release in 2013.



Some expert say that  nexus 6 might not even be a smartphone and may be a tablet instead,but some say that Nexus 6 may come out in both smartphone and tablet with different model number altogether. Even though the later one looks quite fake but the previous one that is nexus 6 of not being a smartphone may become true.

Google has recently been involved in manufacturing of the driverless cars and recently they have entered in the medicine field to. Google has taken ever step to be bigger and better day by day and even be the best .

Google’s chrome OS has also been successfully accepted and it is even possible that Google might enter the gaming console industry. Game console industry has been captured by giants like Microsoft , Sony and Nintendo .  Recent launch of Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS 4 makes us feel what a giant like Google will do if it enters such industry .

Google has been successful in what ever it has done ,be it Chrome OS ,Android, and keep the legendry Google  search engine at the first place in the industry.  If it enters the manufacturing of gaming console ,it may gain a significant portion in the market.

Google Nexus 10.2

Google Nexus 10.2

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