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From now on it is possible to save planned travel locations to your phone or tablet on Google maps, and run them in the offline mode.

Google Maps Offline optionGoogle has upgraded its world famous maps app with an option for which the users were dying for.

Since Tuesday this week it is possible to save maps to your phone, and use them later without an active internet connection.

Below the result of the search there is now an option “Save map for offline use”. When you choose this option, you should zoom to the desired location in order to save it, of course there are certain
limits, and if you try to save a larger area you will receive an error that the map couldn’t be save.

The negative side is that without the internet connection on some location you won’t be able to use navigation, and there isn’t a search option for the places on saved map. However, the maps can be zoomed in, and they are surely going to come in handy in unknown areas where roaming is active, and data transfer is expensive.

When you are in your own country, you have an ability to use voice commands. Updated app is available on both Android and iOS.

Offline maps aren’t the only new thing in the upgraded maps. Navigator voice now recommends to the user which highway track to choose when approaching an exit.

Also a lot of new filters have been included into search of businesses, including one which will tell you what places are currently open, which restaurants have good reviews and ratings etc.

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