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Speculations have recently started about the Google’s newest device known only under the code name Flounder, and potential rumors and proofs are slowly gathering showing that the company is working on a Nexus 7 successor.

Some recent proof and various rumors have confirmed that the device in question will be a 64 bit tablet device manufactured by HTC, and the discussion between the developers that have leaked points to existence of two devices. The first device is Flounder, while the other device is currently known by code name Volantist.

Next to talks about 64-bit ARM processor, a lot of developers have talked about the presence of nVidia Tegra graphics.

It looks like the Google is indeed working on making a 64-bit Android tablet that could hit the market in the following months.

Considering that the I/O conference is getting closer, this could be one of the bigger announcements by Google, not only that the Google would announce a Nexus 7 successor, but that successor would work on a 64-bit architecture and on the newest Android operating system.

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