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Google has decided to ban all commercials popping up during search that contain any form of pornographic content.
The changes which were introduced on July 1st are banning all ads which are portraying explicit sexual scenes which main goal is to excite the person viewing them, including sexual acts such as masturbation.

Google representatives have issued a release in March that this type of restriction will happen, which has left enough time for ad buyers to find possible alternatives.

In the email which has been sent to buyers in June, Google has stated: “In the following weeks, we will not accept any ads that are promoting graphical scenes of sexual acts including hardcore pornography, but also all other forms of sexual acts.”

After this change, Google will not accept all those ads and websites who are braking the new policy.

Pornography is one of the most frequent searches on Google, and just in May this year there was more then 351 million searches that included words such as sex, porn, free porn and porno.

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