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Just one month after Google has allowed everyone in the US to purchase Google Glass in a short period of one day; the company has again decided to offer their smart glasses available for purchase for general public.
Google Glass
It seems that this time action isn’t time limited, and Google claims that they have renewed their sale supplies, and that they wish to sell as many devices as possible – as long as the supplies are available.

The last sale has lasted only one day, and Google has said that the response of the public was unbelievable, adding that they have been left out without supplies in just 24 hours.

Google has also announced that they were first thinking to put this option of free purchase into the Google Glass Explorer program instead of going for general public launch.

First Google Glass sales have started in 2012 when Google has offered 2000 glasses for everyone who wanted to try and taste the look of a possible future.

After that initial sale, around 8000 people have received the device during the second wave of launch. Since then the only way to get a hold of the Google Glass was over friend invite or via waiting list, while the last month sale was the only time the Google Glass was available for direct purchase.

Google Glass with the price of $1500 is run by Android and it connects with your smartphone in order to forward your notifications and apps in front of your eyes. Some of the most interesting functions we were able to see up to now, are apps for virtual reality, and tools for real time translation.

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