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This could be the Nexus year at last, if this turns out to be true this line could retreat in a grand style.
Google-Nexus Phone
We already know something about Nexus X, however will it have 5.2 or 5.9 inch display?

It is expected that Nexus will have 5.9 inch screen, but it is also know that Motorola is testing two Moto S devices, one with 5.2 and the other with 5.9 inches.

We still don’t know whether Motorola will launch two devices, but the source close to the Google vendors claims that the company is ready to take over the unused device. So, if Motorola launches 5.9 inch version, Google will take over 5.2 inches and make it its second Nexus device.

Google has never launched two Nexus smartphones in one year, so this would be a big change.

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