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This sounds pretty unreal, but just remember when Microsoft managed to forget to renew their hotmail domain, which was hosted at a third party company, and it hit the open market in manner of seconds. Dropping a domain of these proportions was a big deal back then with hotmail.com, but can you imagine what would’ve happened if somebody bought google.com the same way?

It would mean that this person will be able to control everything connected with this domain, hence the whole search engine market, if they could’ve found a good enough hosting service, which is pretty hard to believe, so this leads to one simple conclusion. If someone manages to purchase the google.com domain, the whole service would crash because of the insufficient hosting resources this individual or company would apply.

So how is it possible that an ex-executive of the company currently residing in India was able to purchase google.com for only $12? Yes, that’s right. Sanmay Ved, who previously worked with Google, Amazon and formed the Ved Group, managed to purchase the domain for $12 through the Google Domains service.

One man was in control of the Internet, but sadly (or happily) only for a brief second. Shortly afterwards Mr. Ved received two mails from Google, which confirmed his purchase, but this was not the end of the saga. After couple of minutes the people or the system at Google Domains acknowledged the mistake and sent a refund of $12 to Sanmay Ved and informed him that there must’ve been a system mistake and that “it was all a dream”.

Sanmay Ved speculates that this was all due to a bug in the system and that he knew that before he purchased the domain, but was interested to see what would happen. Executives at Google are informed about the incident and everything will be fixed soon enough, but it’s funny to see how easy it is for huge companies to make simple yet costly mistakes all the time.

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