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Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors Leaked

With the entire world waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S5 to release early next year 2014, there is a certain section of the internet that is speculating and rumoring the apparent leak of the  “Samsung Galaxy S7” . At a time when it is almost certain that the next smartphone launched by Samsung will be the Galaxy S5, the idea of a Galaxy S7 is almost ridiculous, but here in this article we present  the much hyped “leaked” rumors of the Galaxy S7.

1. Ultra large 4GB Ram: This rumor suggest that the Galaxy S7 will feature a massive 4GB DDR3 Ram, which is a rare possibility, since such Ram capacity comes with high end desktops these days, and even if implemented in a phone, it would use huge phone resources.

Samsung Galaxy S6 waterproof

Samsung Galaxy S7 waterproof

2. Android 5.0 : The Galaxy S7 will supposedly come pre packed with android version 5.0 if rumors are to be believed. This rumor is more believable, since the Google owned OS is growing at a fast pace and can be expected to build a version 5.0

3. 30 MP Camera : Forget the need to carry a DSLR everywhere, if this rumor about the Galaxy S7 is to be believed; the Samsung Galaxy S7  could house a brilliant 30 MP camera , capable of capturing life-like photos and videos, with Samsung’s own patented ISOCELL technology(as used in the Galaxy S5 camera). This would be a much welcomed feature for the photography fanatics.

4. Curved aluminium body: It is latest news that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature a curved aluminum unibody exterior, and the same is being suggested for the Galaxy S7 as well. It will be a good change from traditional plastic bodies of the recent Galaxy series smartphones.

Galaxy S7: May even feature a retina scanner

Galaxy S7: May even feature a retina scanner

The Galaxy S7 is a rumor of the future, which may possibly not even come in the markets, since the Galaxy S5 will be the next Samsung phone to be released. For what its worth, what do you think of these Galaxy S7 rumors? Comment below.



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    This cellphone is amazing can’t wait to buy this. It seems like it was designed by God himself.

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