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Galaxy S5: No Fingerprint Sensors|Confirmed

If you are really a tech freak, then what will you look in a smartphone before buying it? Many would say a good processor, camera, high RAM, storage capacity and display. But these days sensors also play an important role in deciding which smartphone you would like to buy as people now look for additional features. All the manufacturing giants including Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG etc realize this and have started fixing this issue in their own ways.

Roll back the years, and people were satisfied with a good camera. An year or two ago smartphone lovers started looking for sensors like barometer, accelerometer, thermometer, gyroscope and voice command sensors. But now with advancements in technology, 2 sensors are buzzing in the minds of manufacturers and tech freaks “Retina Scanning sensor and Fingerprint scanning sensor”.

With the latest upcoming smartphone being Samsung’s Galaxy S5, the topic of discussion has been “Will it have Retina scanner or Fingerprint scanner”. Well it may have retina scanner (not confirmed) and may be fingerprint sensor can come into the scene with other upcoming smartphones. Samsung has always come up with surprises and this time it’s a sensor for identification or you may even think of security “Retina Scanner”.

retina scanner

retina scanner

Also popularly known as an eye sensor, it uses the biometric technique to recognise a particular user which may eventually lead to decrease in usage of phone lock passwords, pattern matching and several others with them turning obsolete. We don’t promise you that it will be a part of Galaxy S5 for sure but one thing we can guarantee you is the fact that “Fingerprint sensors are not a part of Galaxy S5”. Maybe the reason could be that fingerprint sensors promised much but didn’t deliver a lot as the hype made it look in Apple iPhone.

As per our sources it is expected to have 2 retina sensors. Though the placing of the sensors may differ, but it is expected to be near the earpiece. It will be interesting to see how people respond to this new technology (if included) and with Samsung currently ruling the market it can afford to try new features in its smartphones, having nothing to lose.

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