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The new document from Samsung has emerged online showing which Samsung smartphones will receive a new update to Android 4.4.

Following devices are included in the update list: Galaxy SIII LTE, Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy Grand 2, Galaxy mega 5.8, Galaxy Mega 6.3, Galaxy Note II i Galaxy Note III Neo.

This list also confirms the fears of many users; due to unresolved problems the international version of Samsung Galaxy S3 will not be receiving Android KitKat 4.4 update, and the public considers that the main problem is caused by TouchWizz apps. We are not so sure that this is the case, as we are guessing that the lack of update has to do with the fact that Galaxy S3 only has 1GB of RAM (the LTE and US models have 2GB.)

However, our rumor source has said that Samsung is under pressure when it comes to its third-generation Galaxy S flagship, as Google has apparently warned it that the device was less than 18 months old when Android 4.4 was released and thus it has to feature this kind of update, but we are not sure Google has any kind saying in these matters, so we are suggesting not taking this for granted.

The same source which received this document and information has confirmed that the Samsung has started the tests of Android 4.4.3 for Samsung Galaxy S5, and that some of the device updates featured on the list may straight go to Android 4.4.3 thus skipping the update to 4.4.2.

The users of mentioned Samsung devices can expect the update notification to be received in some time during June this year.

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