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The first modular smartphone coming from ambitious Google’s Project Ara could hit the market in January 2015.

It was announced today on Project Ara’s Developers Conference that the January 2015 is the target date for the project to go commercial.

Project Ara Developers Conference is taking place in Google’s hometown of Mountain View in California, and it started today and it goes on tomorrow.

The idea behind the Project Ara smartphone is for it to be totally customizable, so you will be able to add parts you need, and boost your phone to your needs, much like a desktop computer, but much more user friendly.

Project Ara by Google

Project Ara by Google

The basic price for the phone will be $50 (around £29), but you will be only getting a chassis of the phone, something developers call a “gray phone”. Basically you will be getting a frame that comes with screen and Wi-Fi radio.

Former lead team member of The Project Ara has announced earlier that the target launch was sometime early next year, but for the first time we have an actual month pinned to the release.

This conference will be giving us many details about Project Ara. This will be the first commercial handset that will let users pick and swap parts for their device using different tiles and modules.

The thing Project Ara is aiming for is longevity. The main reason for developing a phone like this is to make it upgrade-able so you won’t have to throw away your phone when it reaches its potential or it breaks down, instead you will just replace and upgrade your parts and you will be able to use your phone for a few more years.

The goal is for one skeleton of the phone to last at least 5-6 years. The contact pads connecting the modules and the frame are designed to last at least that long.

Of course as this is product that is developed by Google it is only natural to expect that Ara will be run by an Android operating system.  There is still work do be done in order to port the Android to Ara’s modular parts, but we must not forget that the team behind Ara is backed up by a problem-solving force of Google and its Android developers.

Also an announcement has been made, whether Project Ara is a copycat of Phonebloks. It has been said that the Google has already been working on Project Ara when the Dave Hakkens announced its project.

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