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It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a job for the first time or you’re just trying to bounce back from a disappointing experience, you’re always planning to make a successful career, which also includes progressive increase of your wages. The only problem is that the job market is so dynamic now, you may end up working for less money than you deserve or other people with the same experience are already making.

Determining the perfect job is not a simple task though. You and your future employer must consider various factors before accessing how much you’re skill is worth per hour. It was easier in the past when one employee could spend his whole working life cycle in a single company. Today, the market is fluctuating so much, that it’s possible to change your working environment couple of times in a single year.

Knowing this, you always need to be prepared to give your best price to your new employer, but what is your best price actually? How much do those countless hours of programming worth? How much does a company need to charge an inexperienced just out of college worker? All of these questions become even harder to answer if you’re applying to work in a smaller company. The situation would be simpler if you only knew how much are people like you actually making.

This is where WageSpot steps in. Application, for both iOS and Android, that will allow you to see how much are people around you making doing the same job as you are, with the ability to keep privacy its top priority. You wont know who these people are, but you’ll know how much are they making per year.

WageSpot is fueled by user data and is currently undergoing a Kickstarter campaign for $10k that will allow the company to access Google’s map API. The good thing is that the app itself  will remain free of charge.

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