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Facebook is getting ready to shut  down sending of messages to the users of iPhone and Android smartphones via Facebook application, according to the report of TechCrunch.

This change still hasn’t be activated fully, but Facebook has started this week to ask users to download the Messenger app if they still want to continue to chat with their friends in the future.

TechCrunch has reported that users 20% faster reply and react on Messenger then on the the app itself.

These changes are limited to Android and iPhone users for now, while users will still be able to send messages within Facebook app on iPad, for example.

The users will receive a few notifications that requires from them to download Messenger app before the message function shut downs completely.

Even though the company hasn’t made an official announcement, they have explained this move in a special press release:

“In the following days we are going to notify more and more people that they will have to download Messenger app if they want to send messages on Facebook. Our goal is to focus on Messenger and create the best possible app out there that offers the best possible user experience and to avoid the confusion of using two separate apps for sending messages.”

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