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Poke iOS app

Poke iOS app

Do you recall Poke app that was introduced to Facebook couple of years ago? Girls probably do remember, as they were constantly poked around by admirers, but as the years passed, the app has started to fade, and nowadays almost no one has left who has been using it. That’s why the company has decided to remove it from its Apple App Store, along with some other apps in decline.

Just to clear things up, we are talking about an app, not the option poke which is totally a different thing.

If you do remember this app better and used it on a mobile device, than you should have known that it was possible not only to poke somebody, but you could also send that person a message, photo or a video, and anything you have sent to your Friend or someone on Facebook would disappear after 10 seconds, much like Snapchat.

Also, another probably unknown app called Camera has been removed. This is one of those apps almost no one has ever heard off.

The decision from Facebook to get rid of these apps isn’t surprising at all, since the functions of these apps have been in some way incorporated into Facebook, and it is also known that the company is making space for new apps for its social network.

However people who still like to use poke, can still use it over the web version of Facebook, where the poke option is still available.

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