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Users have been looking for a negative option of the famous like feature, which is actually the core of this social media platform, but it hasn’t been possible to dislike posts till now.  Well, it’s not quite disliking, but you’ll be able to use emoji to show your negative emotions towards a particular post or image. This change comes after an extensive customer data research the facebook team made over the past couple of years.

One would thinks that this should’ve happened sooner and should’ve been simpler than using emoji, but it seems there’s a reason for everything. The new feature will be called “reactions” and is set to debut in front of the Irish and Spanish audience. The testing will be done in these two regions and if everything goes well, it will hit the global facebook community.

This seems reasonable considering the fact that not everything shared on facebook is suitable for a like. The human being is capable of expressing wider range of emotions rather than only liking stuff. How many times have you found yourself in a situation where something on facebook moved you deeply, to the core of your existence, but it was simply not suitable for liking.

That’s why the new “reactions” function that the largest and most user friendly social medium in the world is trying to add to its portfolio is more than welcomed by the user community, as well as professionals in the tech industry. Social behavior scientists support the idea as well, stating how this is one step that society present on social media needed to make in order for artificial intelligence to become more humane.

This is nothing new if we keep an eye on other social media entities currently present on the market, like for example Buzzfeed where this type of expressing various types of behavior is something of an old news. The idea of expressing your emotions with gifs and emoji is a compelling one, but we need to wait and see will facebook manage to pull this one off.

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