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For years now Facebook has wanted to become an important step in our relationship towards smartphone. Today, it looks like the Facebook has abandoned all strategies moving towards this development.

Facebook has recently fired all engineers which were originally hired on the development of their main player for smartphones known as Facebook home.

Software which was intended to integrate Facebook in a much deeper way with Android smartphones has had a big announcement last year.

By installing Facebook home, the users could watch their friend’s photos faster to send them messages faster without opening the Facebook app or the Facebook messenger app.

Actually, the idea was to transform your smartphone into a Facebook phone.

However, very quickly after its release, Facebook Home has been struck by reality. The number of complaints was high, and co-founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has admitted that Facebook Home didn’t match the expectations.

Even though, the official retirement of Home hasn’t been confirmed, it has been clear for a while that its failure was an unexpected punch to Facebook, which has been trying for years now to develop more personalized experience for higher number of smartphone users.

Facebook has recently announced its strategy focused on few different apps which should be an add-on to the experience while using the basic Facebook app for smartphones. The focus is on Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger apps.

It’s not a headline if we say that Facebook has no mercy when it comes to shutting down its bad apps and tools, because we all know what have happened to the Poke and Camera apps.

Home isn’t dead yet, at least not officially, but we think that you shouldn’t keep your hopes up for a new update.

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