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Making tremendous buzz in the world of tech-loaded smart phones, HTC- One 2 is all set with blazing features to rule over your much awaited expectations. The top story is the integration of snapdragon 801 series processor which ended all the previous speculation about the use of Quad-core 2.3 GHz Qualcomm snapdragon 800 processor with Adreno 330 CPU collaboration.

The news has instigated the rivals Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2, which also runs on the same processor. This perhaps is not the end of a close preview for the contemporaries as the smart phone is expected to come out with a 16 MP camera, the same which was off late revealed in Samsung Galaxy S5. According to some vital sources it is to be believed that a few slight changes have been figured out by modifying the corners round in shape and the phone is going to be longer due to the twin front facing speakers. The designers seem to have worked really hard by giving the dark brush metal finish over the curve modification.


Many smart phones these days are getting prevalent with the use of removable battery but in the case of HTC-One 2, the surety of this feature is still not clear. The smart phone could be revealed worldwide in five different colors including gold, blue, dark grey, silver and red. Nano slim support as we find in MotoX and iPhone 5s can also be involved in this much awaited gadget. A recently leaked image puts light on an important discovery that’s the two rear cameras for the refocusing even after an image has been clicked. The one camera could be handy in highly sun exposed scenario. On the contrary, the another could act well in the low light circumstances.

Critics have always pointed on the use of ultra pixel technology which has been the part and parcel of HTC mobile phones. Even if HTC-One 2 comes with ultra pixels technology then the least pixel count should go over 4MP resolution. For providing a terrific smart phone photography experience a dual LED flash has been incorporated which is white in color. The smart phone is likely to miss on the amber flash which is found in the iPhone 5s to provide better skin colors and body tones in clicked pictures.

Price will always be the major factor to look upon on every smart device. Some rough estimations and fantastic plans are out for the smart phone sale. HTC- One 2 is anticipated to come out with the price of $200 for two years of contract.

HTC-One 2 is all up to get launched in the month of March and the existence of large number of communities waiting eagerly for this smart phone release internationally has raised the developer’s expectations. If sources are to be believed then there is a great demand of the smart phone in U.K, U.S and Asia. Let’s hope HTC-One 2 comes out with a grand opening and wins the hearts of million smart phone users.





Snapdragon 801 series


2 G.B

Internal Memory

32 to 64 G.B

Micro SD



2 rear cameras, 16 MP main camera and 4 MP front camera, Ultra Pixel Technology with LED white light


5 in one 1080p display

Removable Battery

Not available

Nano sim support



Gold, Blue, Dark Grey, Silver, Red

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