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What to expect in MWC ?

We know that  in February this year ,MWC (Mobile World Congress ) is going to be held in Barcelona. The event is scheduled from 24th -27th February.

The main question that people are asking is that what are they going to see in this conference.Well the answer is pretty simple “Smartphone “ a  lot of smartphone. Since  we cant say what all the companies are going to show you but as per rumors and news a lot can be said and believed.

Major Smartphone giants like Samsung ,Nokia ,Sony,HTC and many other are participating in it and they are expected to showcase their best products this year. It is expected that MWC will be better than last year’s CES.

Well we have a short note of what few are expected to launch as per the rumors in the internet.


It was expected to launch Samsung Galaxy S5 ,which was rumored but this possibility is that it  may not . Some expect that Tizen OS may be launched  but still there is no confirmed news .

Galaxy S7: May even feature a retina scanner

Galaxy S7: May even feature a retina scanner


It is expected that Nokia will launch few Lumia smartphone and may also launch tab. Lumia are Windows 8 OS based phone  and are doing pretty well in the market .

Nokia Lumia 1920 Concept image

Nokia Lumia 1920 Concept image


HTC after a successful year, may launch its successor of HTC One named HTC one two ,or HTC Mate or HTC two . Even though the name is not finalized but specification and shape are expected to be better than that of the previous one .Plus it is expected to have retina scanner which is also a possibility.




Sony also is expected to launch its successor of Sony Xperia Z1 named Sony Xperia Z2 ,with a larger sceen  and better specification as the previous one.



It is also expected to launch successor of LG G2 or may end up launching LG G2 mini just is case LG G2  successor is not launched .

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