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Andrew Dellavedova was the biggest promoter of the new The Whoop fitness band designed for the usage of elite athletes. The Cavaliers player wore the band throughout the month of March, and although he isn’t the leader of the franchise, he still raised some awareness about the product.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver quickly reacted and issued how The Whoop can’t be officially used during NBA games or practices because of the league’s policy on wearable gadgets.

Although it was a short promotional period, the gadget raised some eyebrows around the association, not only Anthony Davis’s…

The Whoop is different from other devices of its type already present on the market because it offers additional performance data and is labeled as a “performance optimization system”.

The main goal of the sporty gadget is to provide actionable advice that the athlete can take advantage of, in the middle of the game and prevent possible injuries. The system behind The Whoop tracks the overall well-being of the body and besides providing insightful information, playing the role of your family doctor, it will also suggest some actions that you as an athlete can undertake to prevent damaging your body.

Dellavedova battled with cramps resulting from overheating during the NBA Finals series against the Golden State Warriors last summer, and one can only guess what the outcome would’ve been if Kyrie Irving wore The Whoop earlier in the same series. Kevin Love is one Cavalier that wouldn’t see any benefit from wearing the handy system, because he suffered an impact injury in the series against the Boston Celtics.

The Whoop is great for profession athletes, but it can also be purchased directly from the product web page by individual users that want to keep an eye on their health during excessive physical effort.


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