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Who would expect something significant would come out of a relatively unknown Danish talk show, but rarely who knew the main guest at Borsen yesterday would be Elon Musk, who visited Denmark to check out on the local Tesla team and get insight into the country’s current sustainable transport situation.

According to Musk Denmark could one day become a world leader when it comes to natural energy resources because of the country’s high wind levels throughout the year. Although the government is still keeping initiatives towards using electric vehicles low, the total number of electric car users is well bellow 1%, that’s mainly because they’re facing a huge obstacle of efficiently storing the energy they get from nature.

That’s where Tesla Motors and Solar City, both companies owned by Musk, come in play. The goal here is to improve he local infrastructure in Denmark through the research made by Solar City, and apply this to the production of new and improved Tesla Motors car models. Everybody wins. The market gets flooded with cheaper electric car models, Denmark finally solves all of their issues connected with the saving of wind energy and Tesla becomes the biggest distributor worldwide.

The things don’t stop here. Elon Musk elaborated afterwards that the speed of this new electric cars would significantly increase as well as their endurance. The current record for one drive with a single charge was set only weeks ago and was no more than 750 kilometers, but it was also made with a car that run at maximum of 25 miles per hour. In couple of years we could see electric cars running up to 1000 kilometers on a single charge while driving with no limits.

When asked about the idea of full autonomy of electric cars in transportation, Musk also stated that there are couple of projects in their final phase concerning this subject, but that the question of law an ethics is quite touchy.


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