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Droplet is the latest addition to the Internet of things hardware family and it is a product that many companies tried to produce but somehow failed in the past. We’re talking about a Bluetooth button that will help you organize better and will take “reminders” to the next level.

This is something that Amazon tried to accomplish through their own product released at the end of March this year called Amazon Dash, but they’ve failed greatly because the item itself looked as another money cow that the giant tries to promote to the wide masses. The initial problem for Amazon was that their smart button was for smart devices only.

How Is Droplet Different?

Droplet is different from Amazon’s Dash and many other b2b focused products of the same type because it focuses on the customer and his needs while managing to provide the same features for all products no matter if they’re smart or not.

Droplet will allow you to control all of your home appliances and other devices through smart reminders and impeccable Bluetooth technology.

The button itself is designed in a manner that will allow you to place it on almost any surface and configure your own settings that will trigger the sending of customized messages to your smartphone.

Droplet helps users manage any and all tasks, whether it’s reminding, tracking, or automating internet actions. Unlike the Dash, each Droplet is highly configurable and can be assigned for many roles. Whether it is to trigger an SMS to a loved one or tracking work hours into a spreadsheet, Droplet can be tailored to the individual and its actions can be changed at any time.” Sohan Japa, co-founder at Droplet

The design of the Droplet button is so discrete that you’ll be able to add it to your medicine cabinet and send alerts to your phone whenever you need to take your pills or just inform your family that you’ve taken your pills. Many of the cases where you can use Droplet are described by the company itself, so you won’t need to think long before you figure everything out.

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