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Microsoft has finally released its Office for iPad. They already had an office version for iPhone and this can be considered as a further step ahead by Microsoft to strengthen its position in the app market. But is it a real competition to its counterparts? Although rich in features and easy to use, the app’s full version comes with a price tag and we already have a bunch of good free alternatives for it, that are doing well in the market. So, what’s the future of this app then? Let’s try to find out what the new app is all about and how far has Microsoft been successful to justify the launch of this app.

Office for iPad

Office for iPad

Office for iPad primarily consists of three popular apps of MS Office – Word, Excel and Power Point. These can be downloaded and used for free viewing of documents. But, if you did like to edit the docs, then you will need a Office 365 subscription. So, if you already have a 365 subscription, then you can use the app without paying anything more. However, a new subscription will cost you a monthly fee of seven USD. You can get around 30 % off, if you are a student, but that still is some money and considering that there are already lots of similar apps in the market that can be used without paying a cent, MS Office’s future looks a big question mark.

But then, Office for iPad is not a mere copy paste of Office for iPhone into iPad. MS guys have indeed made some sincere effort in order to customize their popular office application so that it gives optimum results with the big iPad screen. The user interference is friendly and if you have already used Office at some time in your life, then it would not take you much time to get used to the functionalities.

All of the three apps of Office for iPad are identical in functioning to their standard versions. But when you practically use them on iPad, you did get a feeling that efforts have been made to adept the apps as per the big screened iPad. That being said, we already new what Office, Excel and Power Point are all about and there is not much that one can do about them except for their very obvious use!

So then, what is the final verdict on Office for iPad? Well, the app is quite a useful one for sure but the only drawback, is that it has got better alternatives at a better price. Apple’s iPad, instance has got most of the features of Word and it is comes free for almost all iPad users. Then there are many other apps like quickoffice and kingsoft which are realidly avaiable in the market and can ebe used for free. Why would someone like to switch to MS Office then? Well, its only USP could be that the app is the only one in the market, that works with MS OneDrive service. So, if you are already a OneDrive user,then you will have no other altrnative but to use Office for iPad!

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