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Dell has announced a launch of two devices intended for users who need powerful notebooks which can work in unbearable conditions. New models that Dell plans to launch are Latitude 12 and Latitude 14.  These models are the new representatives of the Dell Rugged Extreme product line created by Dell.

Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme

Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme

Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme solutions are specifically made for working better and faster in an unbearable natural and weather conditions like dust, sand dust, rain, moist, hard vibrations, high and low temperatures or any other unbearable situation you can imagine.

These are all conditions some of the people who work in a military, public safety, risk industry production or ambulance, are used to. Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme notebooks have been independently tested to meet the military demands and conditions, which include rain up to 30 cm per square, protection from  unwanted entry into the base, and dangerous materials gases. These notebooks have received a certificate by a third party that they are perfect for military use.

Dell Latitude 12 i 14 Rugged Extreme notebooks are made to function in the worst possible conditions, thanks to most durable materials including ultra-polimer materials which are durable to pressure, and all that has been shaped with a durable and special frame made from magnesium. The hard drives and data have been secured with tough slide doors and compressed ventilations shafts, which allow work at high temperatures by running 4th generation of QuadCool cooling system.

Latitude Rugged Extreme product line has been created based on reactions and negative impressions of users which were based on the use of other concurrent laptop products.

New interesting things that Dell has implemented include durable display with an amazing viewing angle which allows users to read data more easily during high sunlight. Also the display comes with highly durable and precise multi-touch which easily recognizes desired user taps and moves, even when the user is wearing gloves made from wider and fatter materials.

Latitude 12 is offering first ever made, changeable industrial display with shift able screws and it comes with adjustable RGB keyboard which has background lightning, which allows users to work in a dark with minimal lightning. Both of these models have 16 GB of ram memory and up to 512 GB of solid state hard drives, and a webcam with an 1080p resolution which also features a protective slide in case you are caught in a sandstorm. Latitude 12 also has a webcam with 8 megapixels which can take photos with the use of flash.

Latitude 12 and 14 Rugged Extreme notebooks deliver higher level of productivity and high capacity batteries which can last from 8.5 up to 14 hours of use, which is more than enough to cover one working shift.

In order for users to be always connected and online, in terms of networking Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme notebooks come with Wireless and Mobile LTE capabilities, and when it comes to location they have integrated secure GPS system.

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