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The Hp Elite Pad 1000 promises to be a step ahead in the world of user friendly highly versatile affordable tables with the help of Intel 64 bit atom chip processor. The newly launched gadget became a stupendous spectacle for the aspiring buyers for its exuberant features including the connectivity options, high storage and a modest price value at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona. The Hp Elite Pad 1000 offers 10.1 inches display screen (1900×1200) for a rough and tough usage. It connects the users with the 4G networks and comes up with a 10 hours long battery backup.

The total weight of this intelligently developed gadget comes out to be 680g and it looks stylish with its 9.2mm thickness. A high class tech integrity and valuable thought process has gone behind to make the Hp Elite Pad 1000 a much lighter tablet. The professionals behind this smart device mention that a single aluminum piece has been taken into the account for its brilliant design work. One of the shortcomings of the tablet noticed by the critics is the use of gloss at the 10.1 inches display screen. But the experts advocate the application for enhancing the screen brightness as the display has been given a matte finish.


The previous launch by the company was the Elite Pad 900 and it could not meet with tech world’s expectations. This might set a doubt in the giant tablet market but the developers have a long series of transformation for revival. The recent 64-bit Intel Atom Z3T95 processor has been programmed to run with 1.6 GHz and a high 4GB of RAM to provide a meticulous jump in the system speed.

The HP Elite Pad 1000 comes with the option to consider 64 GB or 128 GB internal memory storage. An additional SDXC port is optimized to regulate the external memory expansion up to 2 terra byte. This additional data storage has come out as a great advantage for many professional users. Though the product is being compared to many other high end tablets including Windows Surface Pro2 but the Hp Elite Pad offers a very low affordable price of $739 and this reciprocates a strong answer to its market acceptability. The additional power boosting constituent in the Hp Elite Pad is a Smart Jacket Case.

The Jacket collaboration to the tablet increases many peripheral adjustments like more functional USB and HDMI slots. An extra monitor can also be a part in this integration. The external jacket installation provides facilities like a finger print reader to enhance the system’s security. Credit card reader can also be incorporated to receive payments from various global modes. The Hp Elite Pad 1000 has the credibility to come out as a significant smart device and its acceptability will definitely mount a tremendous pressure on the developers to provide quality maintenance and a high end consumer support.

The Hp Elite Pad 1000 Specifications


Device type                                     Tablet

OS:                                             Windows (8.1)

Dimensions                            10.28/7.01/0.36 inches

Weight                                           23.99 oz


Physical size                                10.1 inches

Resolution                                 1920/1200 pixels

Pixels density                                   224 ppi


Processor                                      Intel Atom

Graphics processor                       Intel HD Graphics

System memory                            4096 MB RAM

Built-in storage                                 128 GB

Storage expansion           microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC


Bluetooth                                         4.0

Wi-Fi                                  802.11 a,  b  ,  g,  n


CAMERA                                  8 megapixels

Flash                                          LED

Camcorder                           1920/1080  (1080 p HD)

Front –facing camera               2.1 megapixels




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