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Companies in the automobile industry are not that good with wireless technology. There were many products in the past that were intended to evolve the car industry thanks to their wireless technology implementation, but the sad truth is that most of them were big failures while making huge expenses to the companies that created them.

That’s why Daimler has decided to team up with a heavyweight in the wireless niche called Qualcomm and try to improve the current situation in the car technology industry while allowing Qualcomm to improve it’s know how in the car technology department, which is a huge thing because it’s a rarity to see a software company that is an expert in this type of technologies.

The Daimler/Qualcomm partnership goals to improve the current situation in the car technology industry and build a significant bridge over the troublesome river of connected cars that’s filled with various problems.

One of the first subjects scheduled by the two companies is about bringing cellular data to the hub of your car. This doesn’t mean that you can connect your smartphone with the hands free system in your car. After the two companies finish this project, it will be possible for car owners to use their car system as a type of social network where you could connect with other car owners and share information with them. The next step would probably be creating automated cars where every vehicle is located on the map.

The second part of the short term program is focused on wireless charging of your car’s battery. This is a huge part of the electric cars industry and an important one for the future of this niche. Imagine electric cars that can charge with electricity whenever they pass a certain point.



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