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Can’t cook your meal as you wish because you can’t get the right temperature on that old stove? That’s why this smart stove knob was invented and will help you become a professional cook in no time.

The Meld is the name of this smart stove knob and it will hit the market very soon because its Kickstarter campaign exploded since its release managing to gather around $40k with a month to go for the $50k initial goal.

This little kitchen helper is consisted out of three different components: smart stove knob that will take the place of your already existing knob on your stove, temperature sensitive gauge that can be clipped to almost any pot ware and the inevitable smart device app that will help you adjust the temperature at any moment.

Usability of The Meld Smart Stove Knob

One of the greatest things connected with the Meld smart stove knob is that it can be used for any type of meal and not only for souses. The developers that worked on the project and one of the co-founders were a part of teams that created apps and other software in the past that was targeted towards helping regular people becoming great cooks with no knowledge or culinary skills.

Remember those expressions used in recipes like “medium high” that always confuse you and you don’t know what temperature to use, well that’s no longer the case thanks to the Meld. There are tons of recipes that are a part of the app itself where you will find these expressions transferred or better said translated into the right temperature that you need to use.

For example, if you have a recipe that says “medium high”, then the Meld will automatically set your device at 250 degrees because this is predetermined as a medium high temperature.

One more reason why the Meld is the best smart stove knob you’ll find, well let’s be sincere it may be the only one out there.

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