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Smart watches have become a type of a thing on the “gadgets” market over the past year or so, but there are still that like to feel that ticking of the mechanical watch on their hand.

If you’re a part of this group yet you want to have a smart watch for your everyday needs, there’s a solution for you called Chronos and you can rest assured that it will turn any watch you have into a smart one.

Chronos is a little electronic chip that is so small it will and it should fit at the bottom of your old-school watch. We’re not talking about adding Chronos to smart watches, that would be silly. We’re talking about adding Chronos to your regular watch and making it “smart”.

The way this intelligent chip works is that it will work in the background of your watch and send little signals on your screen using LED technology and vibrations. Some of the functions that the device allows is silencing incoming calls on your cellphone or even controlling the playback of your music device.

Don’t worry that Chronos will bulk up your watch with unnecessary notifications as it is completely minimalist and will send only important notifications that you choose to see displayed on a even more minimalist display.

This is a great way for people that have huge collections of watches to ease up the switch between a regular watch and a smart watch. You can’t expect from somebody that has a luxury watch to just switch to Apple’s new smart watch like that.

The team behind the Chronos project is led by Luke Fromowitz who worked with Samsung on their product innovation team, which was mainly focused around projects like this one.

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