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Apple has set a standard when we talk about portable cell phone charging, but it seems like small companies recognize the opportunity and the need of the market. One of the latest examples of a portable power bank is the Nomad Wallet created for iPhone usage only.

One of the problems that the Nomad solves is the convenience of carrying a power bank everywhere you go. You must admit charging your iPhone on the go isn’t always the most pleasant experience. That’s why lots of problems disappear when you know you can charge your iPhone by plugging it in into your wallet.

The dimensions of 95 x 125 x 25 millimeters, make the Nomad looking like any other wallet you can find on the market. It’s safe to assume you’ll have little space for your money, ID card and credit cards, but this can’t be further from the truth as the wallet packs enough space for the power bank as well as everything else you need to put there.



You’ll find a cylindrical  enclosure at the bottom the wallet, where a 2400 mAh battery is stored. This battery is capable of charging an iPhone from 0% to 100%, and you’ll not even notice the cable sticking out because there’s a special compartment for it as well.

This makes the Nomad the perfect present for this year’s father day, but what about the price? You can get the Nomad for $80 and shipping will start November 15th. Considering you have a wallet and an iPhone charger, the price is fairly acceptable.nomad-wallet-3The Nomad probably doesn’t offer the fastest way to charge your phone, but it’s very well packed and compact, allowing you to charge your phone wherever you need to. Fore people that just love iPhone accessories, the Nomad represents the perfect portable charging solution.

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