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What Are The Biggest Optic Internet Benefits?


Increased Speed and Reliability This is one of the biggest optic internet benefits that you will came across while searching about it online or feel directly while connected to your home network. The thing with optic internet is that its speed will never be determined...

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Google has banned pornographic ads in its search


Google has decided to ban all commercials popping up during search that contain any form of pornographic content. The changes which were introduced on July 1st are banning all ads which are portraying explicit sexual scenes which main goal is to excite the person viewing them,...

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Skype is implementing a translation feature


One of the most popular instant messaging and VoIP applications in the world Skype is soon getting a new feature called Skype Translator which will allow for simultaneous translation of the conversations that users are having in different languages. During an interview for online magazine...

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YouTube announces a lot of new features and projects

YT Creators

The world’s most famous video streaming website YouTube is preparing a lot of new features, and one of them is going to transform the YouTube platform and allow massive crowd funding of YouTube projects.  Various YouTubers and video authors will have the possibility to post...

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