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Professional Filming Drone: DJI Matrice 600


Drone filming is getting more and more popular. There many affordable drones that can make nice quality videos, but until now there weren’t any drones capable of lifting professional camera. The professional cameras have a weight of about 10 pounds and require stability for shooting....

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3D VR Camera for Non-Commercial Use


Who doesn’t want to relive the happy parts of their lives? I always find pleasure when I’m looking videos and photos from my past. With the upcoming technologies soon we are going to be able actually to film private 3D VR videos. 3D shooting is...

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Use Your Smartphone As A 3D Printer With OLO


You use your smartphone for lots of thing already, and we’ve all passed that initial need of calling and texting. Smartphones today play the role of small computers and with the increase in the size of the screens and the decrease in space they need...

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Starbreeze Enters The VR Market With Their StarVR Headset


The virtual reality market is slowly establishing itself as one of the more important aspects of technology development that will explode in the near future. HTC already released their virtual reality headset called ReVive and Oculus is one of the most futuristic VR headsets ever...

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US and UK Users Can Make Skype Calls From Their Browser


Skype has become one of the most popular communication applications mainly because it came before Viber, Wassup and other similar apps. With the sudden switch in the industry it has become increasingly important to go a step further and differentiate from your competition. Skype has...

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