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TrapTrap Is A Device That Will Warn You About Speed Traps


The market for anti police control devices is a huge one. The difference between TrapTrap and other speed detecting devices is that TrapTrap gets the information for road blockages and police stations from a dynamically updated database instead of sensors. Depending from the situation you’re...

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BMW Provides Powerful Engine To Its Futuristic Hybrid


BMW is decisive on taking the plug-in hybrids market in the near future and their i8 model seems to prove that. The model was officially presented at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Some of the specifications include a 1,5 liter turbocharged motor, engine with three...

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Are Drones Amazon Forest Saviors?


It seems like humanity can’t stop hurting itself by constantly destroying our natural resources. No matter what type of initiative the organizations focused on preserving our Earth undertake or what types of laws governments vote, there will still be actions that cripple our nature. Drones...

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Origami Robot That Builds Itself


We’re used to seeing huge and bulky robots performing various tasks from carrying bags to exploring the universe, but you will like everything about this unusual piece of modern robotics that’s able to build itself and perform like any other specimen of its kind. The robot...

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