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Seagate Innov8 the almost cord-less external drive


External drives that have a capacity of 8TB aren’t anything new. The thing that makes Seagate Innov8 so unique is the amount of cables you’ll need to use it or better said the lack of cables you’ll need. The difference, when compared with other devices...

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Tiny device able to create energy out of radio waves


The thing you see above is a small gadget holding the key to energy consumption of the future. It may look like something you’ve scrapped from old radio parts, but Freevolt is a real product created by Drayson Technologies published earlier today, which allows the...

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What Are The Biggest Optic Internet Benefits?


Increased Speed and Reliability This is one of the biggest optic internet benefits that you will came across while searching about it online or feel directly while connected to your home network. The thing with optic internet is that its speed will never be determined...

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Opera Mini arrives to Windows Phone

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Opera has opened the subscriptions for beta testing for Windows Phone of their famous mobile browser Opera Mini. Opera has announced that they will be listening to the advice by users and according to that they will tune the user experience of their mobile browser...

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4K Blu-ray discs are coming in 2015


4K Blue-Ray discs are officially on their way, and discs and players should be available by the end of 2015. In conversation with TechRadar, Victor Macuda, CEO of Blu-Ray Disk Association Global Promotions committee has confirmed that the group is currently considering that by the...

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