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Use Your Smartphone As A 3D Printer With OLO


You use your smartphone for lots of thing already, and we’ve all passed that initial need of calling and texting. Smartphones today play the role of small computers and with the increase in the size of the screens and the decrease in space they need...

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Handpick turns Instagram posts into food


Instagram and Pinterest are the two places where food lovers gather to keep an eye on the latest and most innovative food recipes. From your grandma’s cookies to exotic dishes from the far east, you will find everything when following the right people. Till now...

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Japanese Smartphone Offers Iris Scanning Payment Option


While Apple and Samsung battle over the smartphone market in Europe and North America, Japan has its own smartphone creating giant called Fujitsu. Yep, that’s the company with those cheap yet high quality HD TVs. One of the biggest points of disagreement between Apple and...

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Apps That Will Help You Fight Boredom


SimCity Build It SimCity is a mobile version of the classic Sims franchise where you’re able to build a whole new city and become a major of it. Some of the issues that you’ll face as the new major include subjects ranging from pollution to...

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Google Releases Their Handwriting Input App For Android


Google has worked around the clock to tune up their Handwriting Input app that has been released today for all Android users. The company that “owns the Internet” recognizes handwriting recognition as one of the key points of development in the next couple of years...

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Magento Is On Its Way To Revolutionize Mobile Advertising


The evolution of the mobile industry and the increased number of apps that we can use through our smartphones today has revolutionized the way we conduct business and complete some everyday activities. That’s why businesses always try to find the perfect mobile solution that will...

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