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Handpick turns Instagram posts into food


Instagram and Pinterest are the two places where food lovers gather to keep an eye on the latest and most innovative food recipes. From your grandma’s cookies to exotic dishes from the far east, you will find everything when following the right people. Till now...

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Google Releases Their Handwriting Input App For Android


Google has worked around the clock to tune up their Handwriting Input app that has been released today for all Android users. The company that “owns the Internet” recognizes handwriting recognition as one of the key points of development in the next couple of years...

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First Android apps for Chrome OS have arrived


Google has promised earlier that Android apps will find its way to Chrome OS in time, and they have finally arrived. Google has announced that the first Android apps have arrived to Chrome Web Store. It is known that Vine and Evernote were on the...

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Android One makes its debut next month in India

Google Conference

Google is slowly progressing towards launch of Android One, and the initiative is supposed to be ready for launch in September. Android One should offer the latest and most powerful software to smartphones with weaker specifications. When it comes to those specs, the lower limit...

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These are alleged specs of Nexus 8


Even though it is really hard to check whether the rumors about these specs are true, they can be used as the first glimpse of the Nexus 8. So the rumors are telling us that the Nexus 8 will feature a Qualcomm 64-bit processor, which...

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Google is working on 64-bit tablet device


Speculations have recently started about the Google’s newest device known only under the code name Flounder, and potential rumors and proofs are slowly gathering showing that the company is working on a Nexus 7 successor. Some recent proof and various rumors have confirmed that the...

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