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See how can a computer recognizes quality selfies


You’re one of those people addicted to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, so it’s natural that you’re a selfie enthusiast. You may also run a donation campaign and this is one of the ways to engage with your audience. There are literally little...

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Facebook is adding the dislike button in its own way


Users have been looking for a negative option of the famous like feature, which is actually the core of this social media platform, but it hasn’t been possible to dislike posts till now.  Well, it’s not quite disliking, but you’ll be able to use emoji...

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See Who Visited Your Facebook Profile or Page


The team at Crazy Tech Tricks has come out with an innovative solution to an emerging problem in the Facebook community. One of the greatest enigmas for all of you that are hooked up to the most popular social media site till date is probably...

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Facebook wants from everyone to switch to Messenger


Facebook is getting ready to shut  down sending of messages to the users of iPhone and Android smartphones via Facebook application, according to the report of TechCrunch. This change still hasn’t be activated fully, but Facebook has started this week to ask users to download...

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