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The Moleskine Is A Digital Writing Set You’ll Want To Own


Moleskine is a young yet experienced digital company that partnered with the likes of Adobe, Livescribe and Evernote to create a unique and functional product available on a budget price, targeted for global usage. The Moleskine digital set will allow you to transfer your handwriting...

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Camera Adapter For Secret Picture Taking


We are all guilty of taking a sneaky picture at least once in our lifetime. You can be on the beach or trying to cheat on a test at your school using modern technology. No matter where you are, the danger of getting caught is...

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Charge your iPhone from your wallet


Apple has set a standard when we talk about portable cell phone charging, but it seems like small companies recognize the opportunity and the need of the market. One of the latest examples of a portable power bank is the Nomad Wallet created for iPhone...

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Apps that made the most out of the new iOS 9 features


Two weeks after Apple has officially released their latest operating system for mobile devices and there are tons of new apps already hitting the market. Some of these apps can be considered as a great success mainly because they found a smart and innovative way...

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Handpick turns Instagram posts into food


Instagram and Pinterest are the two places where food lovers gather to keep an eye on the latest and most innovative food recipes. From your grandma’s cookies to exotic dishes from the far east, you will find everything when following the right people. Till now...

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Apps That Will Help You Fight Boredom


SimCity Build It SimCity is a mobile version of the classic Sims franchise where you’re able to build a whole new city and become a major of it. Some of the issues that you’ll face as the new major include subjects ranging from pollution to...

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3 Things To Know About The New Apple Smartwatch


The MagSafe Charger Can Be Used For Other Devices The new Apple Smartwatch has its own MagSafe charger that uses Qi wireless charging technology, one of only three standards of its type that’s trying to rule the market in this niche, but the interesting thing...

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iOS 8 updates have started


After Apple presented two new iPhone’s that are from the beginning run by iOS 8, the time has come for older devices to be upgraded to the latest iOS version. We have already seen everything iOS 8 brings, and one of the things that should...

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Apple presents more devices next month?


After Apple has launched new iPhone models iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as Apple Watch last week, they are allegedly planning to host another huge presentation where they will launch two new iPad models and also launch the new operating system version...

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